Pinata Kids / Our Story


Our Name…...

Piñata is defined as a bright, decorative pod, flush with surprises - toys and candies. It is a symbol of festivity and celebrations. Piñata  - an essence that enfolds happiness, warmth, love and chuckles.

Our Philosophy…..

Every child is different and has a hundred languages of expression. It is this reason that led to the genesis of Piñata Kids. We believe that children's spaces should resonate with their very essence and be creative, filled with colour, imaginative and have a meaning to the chaos. Our aim is to provide products with a design element that can be mixed and matched to create unique rooms that are functional yet full of personality.

Our Products…

Peek - a - boo and inside the Piñata you will find us traveling the world and working closely with traditional artisans and craftsmen to create unique designs keeping in mind New Zealand market trends. We look to bring the best children's designs from across the globe to fill up the Piñata.

The treat lies within Piñata Kids for every child that pops the Piñata.

Our People..

Rebekah and Abha, who together want to bring products to each person who might just be another person to the world, but means the world to Piñata Kids (excuse us, Dr Suess!)

Our Contact..

Piñata Kids Limited

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